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#alsicebucketchallenge accepted! I nominate @benj100tho @carlosparejo @ryankfollese @jamiefollese #icebucketchallenge #strikeoutals thanks to @aubreycleland1 
@tiffanyhoughton @gabby_mooney and my nephew Langston (@summeroverstreet )
I shoulda nominated @cameronmonty

Can I play a #guitarsolo at ya for a minute?

You all need to go follow @justinbenlolo right now. #talent #17yearsold workin #terriblethings in #Brooklyn NY w me, @shanestevensmusic & @hombredelasalsa #Markham

In the studio w @justinbenlolo and @shanestevensmusic @hombredelasalsa #TerribleThings - justin can wail

I’m so impressed w @Zendaya ! All she needs to make her have the best birthday(18th) ever, is to feed 150 hungry kids for a year! Join me, Zendaya, & @convoyofhope to @feedONE child. #zhope
You can find the link in my IG profile.
Does STAY WITH ME sound like Tom Petty’s WON’T BACK DOWN? If it REALLY did, wouldn’t Petty sue? NOPE. What a badass!
Bitches be like “I woke up like… Hold on. Let me turn a little bit… And fix this hair… And… Ok.. WAIT, filter. Ok NOW I woke up like dis!”

End that #guitarsolo yet?

And guitar #solo time I guess. Part 1

It’s all about that @rebass_2 @jamiefollese bass and no treble. #solo

Drum n bass. @jamiefollese + @rebass_2

"Girl Like U" at sound check today in Dayton OH! & yea u hear me singing @treysongz #DiveIn over it.

Lil Michael jack style. #gabriel
Lil Michael jack style. #gabriel
Okaaaaay. Kickin it last night w @jessekrice and @jrocharmon at #saintanejo